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React: Super Simple Smooth Scrolling
a day ago
I have been wanting to redo my portfolio, and one of the major things I wanted it to have was smooth...
Next.js Trash Course - Part 3/3
a day ago
Hi again, devs. Are you having a nice weekend there? I really hope so. 🙏 I should have released thi...
How To Make Wine Glasses With Pure HTML & CSS
a day ago
We see a lot of developers these days replicating real life objects using coding languages such and H...
8 Amazing Dev talks you should check out.
19 hours ago
Web developer conferences are a great way to learn about developments in the industry and understand...
8 Useful JavaScript ES2019 Features to Know About
9 hours ago
The ES2019 specification may have been a smaller addition to JavaScript, but it still brought some in...
Understanding Design Patterns: Abstract Factory
21 hours ago
In this article, I am going to describe how the **Abstract Factory Pattern** works and when it should be applied.
JS: Finally discover how to Hide and Show elements
a day ago
Hello World! New episode of the series - A CSS/JS trick in 5 minutes - Last Article was about a CSS b...
Better readme in 5 minutes. (Snack Pack #1)
17 hours ago
Documentation is an easy win Readmes are often overlooked, abandoned, or forgotten entirel...
Companies using Ruby/Rails
a day ago
I frequently get asked why we use a Ruby stack over other “newer & better” stacks. I've heard sug...
All the Ways to Center a Div
19 hours ago
Centering a div is something we need to do all the time as web developers, and yet it still can be a...
No love for boolean parameters
21 hours ago
Ah, booleans. 0 or 1, true or false. Always either one of them, never something in between. So simple...
8 hours ago
Today I'm gonna share with you some cool css selectors. Let's start with counter. To st...
Como facilitar o review da sua tarefa
20 hours ago
Olá, sou Felipe Baraldi Dezidério e trabalho como desenvolvedor back end na Convenia. Aqui nós adotam...
Style console.log() output with CSS
2 hours ago
In this video, I’ll show you how to style console.log() output with CSS. We will use a CSS format spe...
JavaScript Interview Question #28: Resolve and reject at the same time
a day ago
Can you resolve and reject the JS Promise at the same time? What will be printed to the console? ....
How to create dynamic forms in react using react-hook-forms.
10 hours ago
Hi guys, If you are a React Developer you might know that Creating forms in Reactjs is quite easy, y...
Better Error Messages in TypeScript 4.2 - Smarter Type Alias Preservation
21 hours ago
TypeScript 4.2 was recently released, with many cool new features and improvements. It's really impre...
JavaScript tips for React Developers
a day ago
I have been working with React for the past couple of years, so naturally, I am not really proud of t...
Introducing Gradient King - Never again run out of gradients! 🌈
7 hours ago
Hello Geeks 👋 This is Savio here. I'm young dev with an intention to enhance as a successf...
6 useful tips to boost your Laravel code
8 hours ago
When working with any programming language or framework, you can utilize certain tips & tricks to...
💎 Productivity for coders: Caps Lock as a keyboard layout switcher
11 hours ago
Introduction Hey, everyone! 🙂 It's time to start (yet another) series of articles describi...
React Native: How To Build  Bidirectional Infinite Scroll
44 minutes ago
Learn how to implement a smooth bidirectional infinite scroll in React Native
My First Developer Job - 30 Stories
6 hours ago
Stories of developers with different backgrounds and how they got their first dev job.
Diagnosing Performance Issues
2 hours ago
Once you've determined you need to improve your site performance, how do you do that?
How I fixed my bad typing with a taser
a day ago
Yep you read the title correctly... I used a taser to fix my typing and here’s how. Par...
10 Programming Project Ideas For Beginners
5 hours ago
Nothing beats practice, especially when you learn to code. Building one project teaches you more than...
Some small Css tips #008
8 hours ago
I try to tweet a small css tip every day. Here is a collection of some of them.
Learning JavaScript Promises
6 hours ago
Hello, I am going to give you a quick introduction about JavaScript promises and why they work the wa...
8 hours ago
March 1st, 2021 - Instalment #58 Newsletter #58. This week we have posts covering some of...
How to Practice for Code Challenges
3 hours ago
Introduction You are given coins of different values and a total amount of money amount....