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10 useful HTML file upload tips for web developers
21 hours ago
Introduction The ability to upload files is a key requirement for many web and mobile appl...
Don't waste your time on a portfolio website
14 hours ago
You can see it all the time: new developers spending a lot of time trying to get their portfolio websites right. In the hope to land a great job, they put in hour after hour building custom layouts that are supposed to look neat and professional. But instead, they end up with a personal website that looks more like... eh. 🥱
CSS cut out effect that will blow your mind 🤯
21 hours ago
This effect is so cool and just around fun to see. A CSS cut-out effect! What it comes down to is hav...
Tailwind + React: Setup and Design Patterns
a day ago
You can find all source code for this post in a starter template here. What is Tailwind?...
5 Techniques I Use To Manage Stress As A Software Engineer
13 hours ago
If you are not a monk, stress is a part of your life. We face it constantly, at work, at home, in va...
7 First Steps From Java Beginner to a Professional Java Dev
19 hours ago
There are many beginner-friendly languages novice developers can start their path with, and Java is one of them. The web is full of helpful resources that will help to learn Java without a hassle and make a dive into programming smoother.
Hey Developer, Go get a life!
16 hours ago
We developers have the common issue of managing work-life balance. Being an experienced developer, I...
What is Tailwind CSS and why you should use it
19 hours ago
Learn about the utility-fist CSS framework, Tailwind CSS and how to use it. Beginner guide to Tailwind CSS.
How I Learned JAMStack
11 hours ago
In July, I was asked to participate in a panel for GraphQL Summit and talk about JAMStack. I was so h...
Face Recognition in Python
16 hours ago
In this article, we are going to take a look at how we can detect faces using Python and OpenCV. To t...
How We Use Infrastructure as Code in HarperDB Cloud
8 hours ago
Why Infrastructure as Code? Earlier this year we launched HarperDB Cloud, a fully-managed,...
Happy International Sloth Day!
9 hours ago
Celebrating our mascot animal: the humble and nap-addicted sloth.
12 hours ago
Lodash is a JavaScript library that is packed with a bunch of goodies 🍬. Unlike Halloween goodies t...
What & Where to Learn - Web Development Roadmap in 2020
12 hours ago
Before you begin with the Roadmap I am sharing a roadmap for learning web-development sta...
9 hours ago
Reflections from two-and-a bit years helping to run /r/Reactjs
How does JavaScript work? 🤔
11 hours ago
Did you know the simple statement of JavaScript needs a lot of work done behind the seen to get it ex...
Let's stop fooling ourselves. What we call CI/CD is actually only CI.
10 hours ago
We all need CD but only a few chosen ones can have it.
10 hours ago
I’m Vaidehi Joshi, Senior Software Engineer at DEV/Forem - AMA!"
Understanding Rebase (And Merge) in Git
11 hours ago
While merging is definitely the easiest and most common way to integrate changes in Git, it's not the...
11 hours ago
Think like an early-stage founder and build tech only when it's most essential.
8 hours ago
This post will walk you through how to create your own base for a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)...
Thinking the VIM way
9 hours ago
Ever thought of giving VIM a shot and gave couple of days learning its commands, but forgot most of i...
The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week
8 hours ago
A round-up of the most-read and most-loved contributions from the community this past week.
Learning programming is DIFFICULT
13 hours ago
Have you ever wanted to learn how to program, or to learn a new concept? Have you ever come across a...
Natural Language Processing Performance Metrics (Benchmarks)
15 hours ago
Natural Language Processing is a very vast field of research and it consists of so many tasks like Ma...
37 Halloween Frontends🦇
8 hours ago
🎃 Allow for some load time 🎃 What's not to love with Halloween? It is the candy corn of my sunken e...
Facebook launches new Multilingual Machine Translation Model supporting 100 languages
18 hours ago
Facebook AI is introducing, M2M-100 the first multilingual machine translation (MMT) model that trans...
How to Deploy a Next.Js App to AWS ECS with HashiCorp Waypoint
12 hours ago
Last week HashiCorp launched its latest open source project, Waypoint. Waypoint is a tool to streamli...
15 hours ago
What I Learned From Hacktoberfest To be honest, it was a bit of a rollercoaster, I love th...
In React, component controls you!
4 hours ago
For anyone working with React and forms (or individual inputs) the concept of Controlled vs. Uncontro...